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Secure Virtual Desktop  v.

Secure Virtual Desktop lets you securely access sensitive information on any computer.

Virtual Desktop  v.1

Free opensource Virtual Desktop

H4Ck3Rs_ Virtual Desktop 1.4  v.1.0

H4Ck3Rs_ Virtual Desktop is a modification of YVD By Xerocreative. Legend Zero has modded this program heavially to work with the H4Ck3Rs_ Online TCG. Legend Zero is currently at stage 1.4 of this modification.

VST Virtual Desktop  v.rc

Virtual Desktop Environment for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP. This product provides multiple working desktops with an easy switchover with the hot keys. VSTDesktop run seperate application instance in each desktop instead of sharing one running instance

Desktop Panorama  v.1.2.3

Desktop panorama is a panoramic virtual desktop that uses the innovative concept: the virtual desktop area is represented as an infinite bar and windows can be freely moved around it, in the same way as they can be moved around the normal desktop.

GiMeSpace Cam Control  v.

Control your computer by making gestures in front of your webcam! You can simulate mouse movements, the keyboard cursor keys, or control the GiMeSpace virtual desktop manangers by just moving your hand in front of the camara.


Virtual-OS is an open source online operating system that seamlessly combines SaaS and upcoming Web 3.0 technology in a persistent multitasking environment. This web based application creates a shared virtual desktop on a remote server to promote

Chip 8 Emulator  v.1.0

This program emulates CHIP-8 virtual system of mid 1970s.

2X ApplicationServer XG  v.10

2X ApplicationServer XG combines the best in application delivery and virtual desktop (VDI) management by allowing administrators to publish applications and virtual desktops from an all-in-one platofrm. Experience the full benefits of desktop

VirtuaWin  v.4.1

Using a virtual desktop manager is a way to organize applications over several "virtual" desktops. For example if you use two virtual desktops you are able to put a webbrowser on desk 1 and by using a desktop manager "switch away" the webbrowser and

JScrollDesktopPane  v.1.0.2

The JScrollDesktopPane swing component provides a virtual desktop replete with dynamic scroll bars, dynamic menus, and dynamic button

Swift App Framework for Java  v.1.0

an API for rapidly developing Java, desktop apps It includes a virtual desktop ,user interface API, GUI client for management of SQL databases,and a form design tool which allows basic application code to be generated from a SQL table or

The Open Analytical Platform  v.1.0

Java platform that integrates all the tools that an analyst in the field of intelligence needs. A multi-database backend, virtual desktop frontend and analytical tools (plug-ins) that interact on the desktop.

UniTeS - Universal Terminal Services  v.1.0

UniTeS is a multiplatform virtual desktop what uses different Terminal Services and connection clients like rdesktop, XDMCP, rdp, etc. to allow users to connect to apps located in different systems from a common place.

Spider Multi-Gaming Mini OS  v.1.0

Spider is a OpenGL multi platform game engine. With a virtual desktop, custom web browser, and only educational approved games. The environment is geared for children and young adults and helps aid in the protection against obscenity.

Sprawl  v.1.0

Sprawl attempts to extend the spatial finder and virtual desktop metaphors to a vast scale.

Advanced Desktop Locker Home Edition  v.1.8.3

Advanced Desktop Locker Home Edition isa professional application designed to lock your desktop with one mouse click. With this software no one can access your desktop or your important files, you can password protect your desktop and display custom

Advanced Desktop Locker Pro  v.1. 8. 2004

Advanced Desktop Locker Pro (ADL) is an easy to use desktop protection software, you can lock your desktop with one mouse click. With this software no one can access your desktop or your important files, you can password protect your desktop and

Winhotspot  v.0.5

Winhotspot is virtual WiFi hotspot/Router software,share internet to smart phone. It has inbuild repair tools and will install Microsoft Port WiFi Drivers required to enable WiFi Hotspot /Soft WiFi Router. software is free from adware and just 106KB

NSpaces  v.

Sometimes you may have many applications such as mail client, editor and Web browser running on one desktop, and you don't want to mess them up. But things go contrary to your wishes. Fortunately, with nSpaces you may have separate workspaces (we

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